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Thunder Auto body performs collision repair that will restore your vehicle back to its pre-accident condition. Because cars today are designed to be safer than cars were designed even 10 years ago, in most cases you car may be restored to like-new condition after an accident.

Your vehicle’s performance and appearance will be restored so that when you drive the car out of the shop, you will remember your vehicle as the car you had before the accident.

Mechanical Assemblies

After an accident, many components of the vehicle may need to be replaced or repaired. Many parts will need to be MIG welded to make sure that the vehicle maintains structural integrity. At Thunder Auto body, we utilize the latest MIG welding techniques to ensure that your repairs will make your vehicle as good as new.

In today’s vehicles, all mechanical assemblies are attached to the body of the vehicle. Achieving a perfect fit and recreating the original positioning of mechanical components is essential. We at Thunder Auto body are experts at reconstructing the original placement of mechanical components to ensure that your car looks and drives just like it did before the accident.

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Body Restoration

You may have seen shoddy work from an autobody shop where fenders don’t quite fit together with the rest of the body of the car. Maybe the bumper is a bit out of alignment. Things are just a bit out of kilter on the repaired vehicle. This problem never occurs with a job completed by Thunder Auto body. With our acute attention to detail, we ensure that all body components fit together just as they did before the accident.

If you need collision repair, call Thunder Auto body at(908) 289-1033 to schedule an appointment for service. We will get your car back into pre-accident condition and provide you with outstanding customer service.

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